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The garden of the Kendeda Campus is always open and waiting to receive visitors, twenty-four hours a day. A seven-circuit labyrinth is also located on the Sandy Springs campus. People have been building and walking labyrinths since 5000 b.c. The walking of this circular spiral path provides an opening of the mind and heart to an inner space of calm, peace and meditation.

The Link is one of a few counseling centers dedicated to providing long-term psychotherapy for those who need these services. Like a garden tended throughout the years, The Link has served some families for four generations. We must plant the seeds today to continue serving generations to come.

The Link Counseling Center is privileged to provide our therapeutic services on a campus of unparalleled warmth, beauty and peace. Children, youth and adults begin their journeys of healing in surroundings of green space, gardens and buildings dedicated to nourishing their healing and growth.


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