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About the Directors:

Elaine Gibson, M.Ed, LPC, LMFT
1973 – Present
AAMFT Approved Supervisor
I have been privileged to practice the art and science of psychotherapy for more than thirty years. I am a passionate advocate of accessible mental health services. All persons who desire to heal and grow deserve a safe, affordable place to do so.

Derek Economy, LMFT
Associate Director
1984 – Present
AAMFT Approved Supervisor
I think of psychotherapy as a contemporary name for a very old process. In therapy, what is most true and real can be discovered, spoken, understood and lived. Pain can be healed. The fullness of Life’s possibilities can be rediscovered.

The Link was one of the first centers in the nation to become a family counseling center. Today, many of its staff are experienced leaders in this field. The Institute provides a post graduate training program and educational courses for professional licensure. The education program also provides consultation to businesses, public workshops and training for other mental health professionals.lineThe Training Institute Offers:

• Education Courses
• Individual and Group Clinical Supervision
• Postgraduate Residency
• Financial Compensation


Understanding the Family from a Systems Perspective
(A Family Studies Course)

Course Description:

This course will provide the participants with an historical perspective of psychotherapy as to the development of systems theory and its importance in helping to diagnose and treat families.

We will explore the shift from an individual psychology paradigm to a systemic/cybernetic paradigm. We will study the use of systems theory as an integrating framework for understanding the theories and models of family therapy.

We will review family-of-origin and the use of genograms in mapping family patterns. We will practice using the genogram as an assessment tool, as well as a therapeutic intervention. In addition to traditional genogramming, the participants will experiment in the use of the projective genogramming and its use in healing and growth.

We will review literature that conceptually links family systems theory and attachment theory and how they are complementary in nature.

Approved by the Georgia Composite Board.

The Georgia Composite Board of Marriage and Family Therapy requires:

• Each course to be a minimum of 45 hours of instruction. (This course will meet for 15 weeks; three hours per week.)

• Participants must attend 80% of classes

• Participants must receive 80% or better on graded assignments and exams.

For additional information contact: Elaine Carney Gibson, M.Ed, LPC, LMFT. Approved Supervisor, AAMFT. Director: The Marriage and Family Therapy Training Institute of The Link Counseling Center.

Phone: 404.256.9797

lineTraining Philosophy

As individuals, we are influenced by the various cultural, societal, and family systems in which we live. The Link practices and teaches psychotherapy from a multi-systems perspective. The importance of the SELF of the therapist is also a cornerstone of The Link’s philosophy. We encourage personal and professional growth in a supportive, creative and collaborative atmosphere. We believe that individuals inherently desire to move towards health and authenticity. Our approach to psychotherapy and training embrace these beliefs and are reflected in our programs and services.linePostgraduate Training

Weekly 90 minute training seminars
• The seminar explores approaches, techniques, and theories used in working with individuals, couples and families.
• Trainees are encouraged to evolve their own philosophy of psychotherapy and to develop a therapeutic practice congruent with this philosophy.

Individual Clinical Supervision
• One hour bi-monthly
• Additional support as needed.

Clinical Supervision
• One hour each week
• On-site directed individual, couple and family client counseling experiences.

Financial compensation
• The Link training intensive is a journey of both personal and professional growth.lineEducation

In addition to the three year training intensive, The Institute also provides post-graduate courses for MFT Licensure. The courses are approved by the State of Georgia Composite Board.

To meet composite board approval:
• Each course consists of 45 hours of instruction
• Participants must attend 80% of the classes
• Participants must receive a minimum of 80% on graded assignments and exams

Family Studies Courses:
• Understanding the family from a Systems Perspective
• Developmental Stages and the Life Cycle of the Family in a Multicultural Framework

Family Therapy Courses:
• An Overview of Family Therapy: Past and Present
• Defining Theories in Couples Therapy

Marriage and Family Ethics Course

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